Mindset Matters Most

Over more than 20 years of working with people and helping them unlock their potential, I have seen one thing remain constant:  It doesn’t matter what skills people have or what skills they need… If people don’t have the mindset to learn new things, change their behavior, and enthusiastically engage, their potential is limited.

The Lesson

People don’t change their behavior because you tell them to. They don’t change their behavior because you pay them more and they definitely don’t change because you beg or threaten them.

People change because they decide to.

They make a decision to do something differently because they feel emotionally connected to making the change.

Leaders and coaches can inspire. We can encourage a new direction or provide additional skills and processes.

In the end, it is our head (our mindset) that determines our actions. We feel the way we think and our actions reflect our true feelings.

Mindset is always first.



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