10 Lessons Learned this year

Here are a few lessons I learned in 2017. In some instances, I was reminded AGAIN!

Lesson 1: 

Look at your business with fresh eyes. Think as if today were your first day in your position and plan your priorities accordingly. Ask yourself, “If I were hired today, what would I do with my business tomorrow?”

Lesson 2:

When it comes to mistakes:

  • Once is interesting
  • Twice is puzzling
  • Thrice is a trend

Beware of trends. Without correction, you have trouble.

Lesson 3: 

“The secret sauce is always culture”

~Scott Steilen, President of Sea Island Resort Company

Lesson 4:

Change is easy when it isn’t yours to experience. Have compassion for the hard work that is required to evolve as a human, evolve in your work, and evolve your relationships.

Lesson 5: 

It’s called ‘owner-shit’ as in—own it! Blame and shame is the cancer of a team and if you don’t fix it, know with certainty that those inside your organization who aren’t owning their mistakes are causing chaos and stress.

Lesson 6: 

If people are always trying to please you, you don’t have clean communication (Pillar 2). If you don’t have clean communication, you are in for withholds (which are dressed up lies). Make sure you create a safe place to talk and then talk more. Email less.

Lesson 7: 

Encouragement is a better coaching tool than criticism. Find what’s right and build on it.

Lesson 8: 

Never underestimate the power of good processes. Mistakes generally happen due to one of 3 things:

  • The wrong mindset (How you see the work is how you will engage in it)
  • Lack of knowing how to do something (process)
  • Lack of ability (skills)

Lesson 9: 

What you focus on is what you get.

Lesson 10: 

“Lead from Love”

~ Coach Ken Niumatalolo, Head Coach of the US Naval Academy’s football program since 2007

Thank you for the lessons, 2017!

All in,