10 Tips for 2018 Take-off

Here is my take-off plan for 2018. You can use it too!

  1. Rally your leaders daily. Reach out. Inspire. Set the tone and tempo because leaders inspire all that is possible.
  2. Leadership is a behavior, not a position. Everyone leads so decide how you will lead today. Ask everyone to lead and inspire each other. Make leadership a part of your annual review process, regardless of the position.
  3. Have a plan. Focus on the priorities (the big ROCKS) over the next 90 days. Avoid squirreling your teams focus because too much on anyone’s plate is a disaster coming your way! “Strategy de Jour” guarantees you will accomplish very little of what is most important.
  4. Work your plan. Start by reviewing and prioritizing it. Put it into your calendar on Monday and review it every Friday. Discipline allows you to get the right things done at the right time.
  5. Take time to think every day. The more you think, the more effective you are and the more prepared you are, the more agile you can be. Preparation decreases redundancy, mistakes, and the cost of errors so people feel good about what they accomplish!
  6. Forget balance… It’s BS. We are never in full balance so it just makes us feel guilty! Think self-care instead. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, there is no one to blame but yourself.  #selfcarematters
  7. Stay away from the CAVE people (Constantly Against Virtually Everything).  You know them: The Pukers and Drama Seekers. They slow up everything and suck your energy. Give your energy only to those who deserve it!
  8. Find what’s right and build on it. Encourage growth knowing that growth can be painful. Growth means improvement which (for some) feels like they weren’t doing it right before. A positive mindset is the foundation for all growth.  Thank the people who care enough to give you feedback and help you grow. They are the ones that truly care about you and see your potential!
  9. Be self-aware, self-reflective, and present. Many people don’t know their impact as they are not present within. Intention doesn’t matter; impact does.  Help clean up the messes you make. People notice.
  10. Inspire everywhere! You can change a person’s day by saying hello on an elevator. Touch people’s lives. Don’t let the negativity in the world affect the world you can control. Be the light!

All in,