What is YOUR Personal Brand?

Just like your business has a brand… so do you. Your brand is what you are known for… it reflects the value you bring to your organization through your presence and work product (deliverables).

As with ensuring brand relevance for a product or organization, it is important for you to identify what you want your ‘Brand.Me’ to be. Ultimately your brand is defined by what your customers—both inside and outside of your team—say about you.

Here are a few things to consider in defining Brand.Me

  • What do you want people to say about you when you are not around? This is your aspirational brand identity.
  • What do you want to be known for? What makes you better than anyone else at the things you deliver?
  • What is your personality in terms of your brand? Are you a playful professional or are you the “dependable, count on me to clean up the mess even if I didn’t make it” professional? Your style and personality are part of your Brand.Me.
  • When people receive your work product, is it done at an outstanding level or just mediocre? Every time you hit ‘send’, every time you complete a report or a presentation, and everything you deliver to a client or a stakeholder reflects you and your brand. How does your work product reflect what you want to be known for? What do your stakeholders think of your work product?
  • What’s it like to hang with you? Happy? Stressful?  Chaotic? Dependable? Fun? Thought-provoking?
  • Define your brand. Write it down! Defining your brand lays the foundation for how you will act and how you will deliver your work product(s). It defines the experience people will have when hanging with you.

Understanding that your brand is your personal imprint helps you reflect on where you want to grow. It helps so you consciously build value in your brand relevance.


Be you! Be a brand that everyone wants on their team.

All in,