And the credit goes to…

I love the Oscars!

People doing what they love and honoring those that helped them get there. It makes me reflect…

I would like to thank, apologize, and give credit to…

  • My mother for putting up with me
  • My father for making me believe I could do anything I committed to
  • My coaches and teachers who never gave up on me
  • My aspire teammates over the last 24 years who have made me better, smarter, and kinder
  • My clients who have inspired me to keep raising my bar
  • My sister who thinks ‘I’m great’ even when we both know it’s not my best moment
  • My brother who makes me laugh and shows me how to keep what matters most front and center #phillyrocks
  • My girlfriends who bring me joy, laughter, adventures, and life navigational  sense even though I don’t always use it. I beg forgiveness for this!
  • My guy friends who give me a perspective I never understand and always value
  • My daughter who shines so bright it makes me want to be a better human!



All in,