What’s the big idea?

Big Ideas? We should all have them. Please think. Thoughtlessness is annoying!

The Scenario:

I was recently on a one-week, four-city trip. With this many destinations, I was loaded with bags and I arrived late in the evening to check into a hotel. Though the hotel was only half full, the front desk agent checked me in to a room that was — literally — the farthest point from the lobby. It must have been close to a half mile!


Be present enough to notice the small woman with too much luggage in front of you. When you are forming the words to tell her that the bell man is busy and she will need to schlep her own bags, Think! Maybe realize a room closer to the lobby makes sense for this guest.

The Scenario:

I was staying in a hotel recently and called to utilize the free shuttle. I was told to come on down. When I arrived at the bell stand, there was no one there. No problem! I went to the front desk. The agent did the right thing, calling many numbers trying to get an answer to my question, “When will the shuttle driver be back?” She even left the front desk to go to the bell stand and then through a door behind it. Still no one could tell her when the shuttle might be back.

Ten minutes later, she found a bellman standing outside. She clearly tells him I would like a ride so he proceeds to call the shuttle driver. Then the unimaginable happens…he comes up to me and says, “Were you the person who called down?”

I answered, “yes.”

He replied, “It will be 10 minutes.” He handed me a card and schooled, “In the future, just call this number so you can find out how long it will take and make arrangements.”  Hello?!


When you offer free shuttle service, maybe have a process so guests can use it! Consider posting something in the room on how the shuttle rules work. It might have been helpful to give me the number I needed when I called to request the service! At least give one of those cards to the poor front desk agent who spent 10 unproductive minutes getting something done that should have taken one minute or less.


This is why customers leave. ThoughtFULLness matters!

All in,