Balance is BS

I am asked all the time, “how do you create balance in your life?”  We have to stop feeling bad that we are not in balance at all times as balance is not possible.

Think of a see-saw. Remember how hard it was to sit on one side and find balance with the other?

Life is the same.

My issue with balance is it just makes me feel guilty. I put balance on my never-ending To-Do List and it never gets off the list. It was on the list for 25 years so I took it off a year ago and gave myself some breathing room!

The key to life isn’t balance. It is self-care. We need to take care of our selves and that means a give-and-take in our complex worlds. Sometimes my self-care is spending extra quality time with my daughter Bella.  Sometimes it’s staying up late and writing (what I hope to be) an inspiring leadership tip. Sometimes it’s traveling like a crazy woman while other times it is traveling, hanging with friends, or laughing and learning with my team.

I am sick of people talking about balance. I say it’s time to take it off our list.

Put self-care at the top of your list and decide how to best take care of yourself!

I love my work. I don’t want to have to apologize for spending time doing it. I am grateful to have it as one aspect of my life (well…maybe 2 or 3). I am also grateful when I walk away from it and enjoy my family, friends, relationships, a great walk around my lake, or a nice glass of red!

Life is never in balance.

#stoptheguilt  #selfcare

All in,