Don’t be a Lone Ranger

You are a leader.

You want things to happen.

You want them to happen now.

This is what makes you successful…

You make shit happen.

I relate.

I like moving things forward. I look at obstacles and can’t wait to figure out how to blow them up!

I understand that it isn’t about the destination but the journey and to a certain extent I believe that to be true. The fact remains…I want to see a lot of journey.

Though managing speed may be hard for me, it is vital to my effectiveness as a leader (and I still don’t like it).

I wish I could say that I am happy with these things I have learned about warp speed:

  • Moving at a speed that no one can keep up with (including myself) isn’t effective. It’s dangerous. It causes less joy. It can inadvertently create mistakes or gaps when there is not time to prepare. Warp speed creates unneeded chaos and miscommunication.
  • If you only have one speed—the fast one—you will run out of steam.
  • Having a team around me that helps manage my speed and focus ensures I am not a lone ranger…that I am not out there trying to do it all by myself. Great teams are made up of talented, aligned people. Ask for help. Create a village.

Then with your village…

make shit happen together.

All in,