Squash Negativity

Recently I was in a meeting full of stimulating conversation…people solving dynamic and difficult problems with diverse and passionate perspectives. I was inspired. They were aligned and respectful as they sat at a table that influenced so many people both inside and outside their organization. They were supportive and passionate–and even in their different ideas and solutions they were mostly positive. Except for one person. The Puker. The C.A.V.E. (Constantly Against Virtually Everything) person. The Naysayer. The NO Person.

I have tried so hard to stay in compassion with the NO people. You know, the ones that start with no. They find what’s wrong instead of exploring what can be done, what hasn’t been thought of, or how to take deliberate action towards progress.

Honestly, I am tired of the Pukers. Done with them. Negativity drains people, regardless of how powerful their personal energy or how positive their hopes.

I say, “Let’s squash negativity.”

Let’s draw the line and not accept it.

THE REALITY: There are negative people influencing us and draining our energy every day.

The real question is:

How do you decrease the impact of negative people and the negative energy they create in your life?

  • Accept that they can’t help it. Create deliberate space between you and them.Don’t engage with them. Apply the 3 Step Disengagement Process: (SAM, I am)
    • Smile. If you have to engage with them, smile and share that you have boundaries: “I understand you are unhappy and I want you to know that it drains me. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings and your negativity depletes my energy.  Thank you so much for respecting my energy and I hope you feel better soon.”
    • Acknowledge their dissatisfaction. When they talk and you don’t agree, just acknowledge what they are saying. Remember acknowledgement is not agreement! “It sounds like you are really disappointed with that decision.” This is far more effective than trying to convince them they are wrong or that they need to change their mindset.
    • Move on and cut your interactivity short.
  • Stay curious. Don’t get hooked emotionally.Your emotion only engages them and their negativity. Avoid being in judgement of them and know that their journey is hard right now. Practice compassion.
  • Progress is a result of deliberate actions towards solutions. What is possible is a result of optimistic, focused, and creative minds. Positivity fuels progress.

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