It’s all about the motivational switch

We all have one. Our motivational switch.

Your motivational switch only has one operator…you.

As a leader we have to accept that though we may see someone with potential, they have to turn on their switch. We can only create an environment where they choose to turn it on. For those that don’t, their work product lives in mediocrity. Even if they show great results, their mindset and negativity (no matter how disguised) impacts everyone around them. This means that others get dragged down by this negativity.

FACT: If you pay people, you deserve their commitment and engagement. To get people to play “all in” you have to create an environment that inspires and creates a sense of value in their contributions…one that allows them to emotionally connect to your company’s why and be a positive force in the workplace. That’s the leader’s job.

But we all know that not everyone wants to play “all in” and that some just don’t fit your culture. Some people just can’t get onboard or when they do, they still don’t turn it on. It’s time to part ways.

Understand their unhappiness isn’t about you, it’s about their mindset…their desires or disappointments. It doesn’t make them wrong or bad—just mis-fitted for your team. Respect that this is their choice and move on.

Unhappy people need to work someplace else.

Everyone’s motivation comes from within. You can inspire people but you don’t control their switch.  Just as people choose their mindset and perspective, they also choose when to turn on their motivational switch. As a leader, it is hard sometimes as we see the potential of a person and yet we have to accept that their attitudes or levels of commitment are controlled by them.

Only you can turn on your motivational switch—no one else’s. If you have children, you know this is true.


You can’t turn on someone else’s switch. There is only one switch operator and each switch is motivated uniquely by its owner!


All in,