Your vibe is your tribe

I am blessed to hang with my fellow aspirates every day.

Don’t get me wrong…things hit the fan. People can sometimes drive me crazy. Pettiness pisses me off and mistakes happen.

Then I step back and remember I would rather spend time with this tribe any day than with any other. Nothing is perfect. No one is without limitations. These people are the best of the best and I am lucky to stand beside them.

Perspective matters when you are on a team, whether it is a 2-person team (like your partner) or a 1000-person organization!

The right perspective is “How do I enhance the world today?”

When you are feeling like you need a reality check, instead consider a perspective check:

Questions to check yourself:

  • How will I inspire myself and others today?
  • What do I love about my work? How does it serve my purpose?
  • How do my teammates make me better?
  • How can I give and inspire today?


Take one action right now and feel the shift. Action is empowered change. Do nothing and you get nothing!

Leaders always find a way to intentionally create the vibe of positivity and progress.

All in,