Creative Environments are Smarter Environments

Don’t think of creativity as an ability to draw, paint, or design. Think of creativity as the ability to think and see things differently. We all have it in us.

As leaders we have to be intentional and create moments to think and inspire.

Here are a few ideas for you to enhance the creative thinking on your team:

  1. Messaging.  Think of creativity and inspiration like an endless drip campaign. I had a client that reminded people of their amazing culture through a poster campaign in their bathroom stalls. Honestly, it was awesome! Their read factor in the bathroom was higher than their company Facebook page! And more importantly, it inspired people to think and create because the messaging was compelling…not to mention people-focused. What else do you focus on?
  2. Push out interesting articles to your team and ask, “What is the major idea you gained from this article and how can we leverage it in our work product(s)?” Creativity requires an active mind. Thinking matters when it comes to creativity. Create those moments.
  3. Once a month at your staff meeting, present a business problem or revenue opportunity and make this request: “With a partner, think about how we can leverage this situation to benefit our customers and our market position.” Thinking in small teams helps. Recently I was working on a brand strategy and thought I knew where it needed to go until the two other people shared ideas I had never considered. Together we created something special. Damn, it felt good!

We were all told false stories in our lives. I was certain I was bad at math until I was exposed to how data told a story. Looking at math through that view finder changed me and I became a strategist. Generally speaking, I actually am not bad at math and analytics! Who knew?

Likewise, I was always told I was creative. I thought it was about painting (I paint occasionally) but I have to tell you…quitting my day job is not a good option!


Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. Open up your team’s view finder. You won’t believe what they will create.

All in,