The 1 Thing

I was recently asked, “As a leader, what is the one thing…the one must I should focus on everyday regardless of all other things happening around me?”

It was a brilliant question.  It got me thinking…for days and days.

I considered a lot of things:

  • Great strategy
  • Inspiring culture
  • Hiring people who are smarter than me at the stuff they are doing for our team
  • Hanging with smart people period (as much as possible—I’m always hoping their smart energy rubs off on me!)
  • Making the work place a happy place
  • Having people to think and go deep with
  • Training people so they are so competent and optimal at their work…their confidence shines through and makes them feel amazing
  • Keeping “crap” in perspective

My list was longer. Finding the one thing took weeks!

In the thick of my thinking, I was interviewed by a reporter who asked me, “What is the most important thing about behavior change?”  It, too was an intriguing question.

My response:

  • Behavioral change is organizational change.
  • It’s the key to constant and never-ending improvement.
  • It allows for constant competitive advancement (which is better than a competitive advantage).
  • Behavioral change evolves people and the organizations they play in. It makes important shit happen.

The answer to that original question: 

What’s the 1 Thing?


The seed to engagement lies in your culture and its alignment…the energy towards its mark on the world. But it isn’t about the leader, it’s about ourselves.

How we engage in our life, our work, and our world defines everything.

All in,