Are you burning yourself out?

We have all been there…

Your inner drive kicks in. You are loving what you are doing. You are in your success zone and your inner power is in full throttle. Before you know it, you are on fire…in a good way!

Face it, if you are reading my tips you are a performer. A doer. And doers love the zone. It’s invigorating. Big things are happening. The mind is focused, engaged and hyper-energized. And, the truth is you have to manage the zone or eventually burnout comes knocking at your door.

It’s a fine line for me. I love my zone. It’s fuel! In it, I am more creative, more innovative and optimally, more productive.

But the mach-10 pace is unsustainable and the side effects are treacherous.

For me, a clear sign is when my communication gets sloppy because I’m moving too fast. My mind tends to be overly output-focused and little things start to bother me. Don’t dare get in the way as things are moving so fast it can be hard to slow down quickly! You with me?

Slow Down


I know that if I don’t slow it down and regroup, I will burn out.

Burnout is dangerous! It takes away our perspective and worse yet, our joy. It actually makes us and those around us less productive. Burnout steals our ability to be grateful, to live in the moment, or enjoy the ride. We are just too busy!

What to do?

For me, I throw it into neutral and glide a bit. I catch my breath, look around, and regroup. I go back to my real goals and deliverables and get my time and energy realigned with them.

As you may know, I love to write. After I wrote aspire…to lead followed by aspire…to shine,  I hit the speaker circuit. It was invigorating until it wasn’t. Two books and more than 20 gigs in less than 26 months was just too much.

I have enjoyed finding my center again. I feel my creative side back in full bloom. I am remembering every day how lucky I am to love what I do, who I do it with, and the beautiful life I have.

The truth is burnout doesn’t look good on anybody.

Burnout doesn’t live in The Shiner’s House!

All in,