Love Matters Most

The gift of love imprints us like nothing else.

It makes us stronger when we let it. It allows us to explore who we are and gives us the strength to be who we can become. When we love unconditionally, we are at risk. Love and loss live in the same place and we get one with the other. It’s a package deal.

As I reflect on George and Barbara Bush, I can only imagine their amazing highs and lows together. Life wasn’t always a picnic and they made it through the journey because they chose respect and intentional connection—the power that fuels love and intimacy.

Intimate love is like glue. It binds us together.

It helps us find our way through life’s inevitable storms. It gives us a safe place to be both our best—and our worst—selves.

I think love enhances our lives. It makes us strive to be better than we actually are. Love raises our bar. It demands that we show up and look deeper.

Love gives. Love takes. Ultimately, love is all there is.

Love is what matters most.