Do I have to change?

Change happens in one of two ways:

It either happens to you (others are controlling it) or it happens with you (where you find a way to lead or influence it and you choose to have a voice in it).

Regardless of which way it happens, we all have to deal with change. It is required for growth and evolution and is happening every day.

Have you seen a dinosaur recently?

How about “You’ve got mail!”?

Evolve or die!

Here are some ways to deal with change even when it feels uncomfortable or downright wrong from your perspective:

  1. Accept your fear and remember: fear is an illusion that lives in your darkest place
  2. Take a look inside and see if old beliefs are limiting beliefs. Times change. Are you staying current or are you holding on to a past that has passed?
  3. Find what’s right about the change. Move from what is possible.
  4. Think about how you can be a part of the change so you are influencing it verses standing against it

All in,