What do you wish you could tell your younger self?

There are things we all wish we knew when we were younger. Here’s my list…

  1. Be a Believer. It’s going to be an extraordinary journey.
  2. Effort matters A LOT more than anyone says it does
  3. Find your tribe. You aren’t everyone’s flavor and that’s okay. Your people will lift you.
  4. You won’t be a bag lady.
  5. Be you. It’s better than a fake version of someone you are supposed to be.
  6. Don’t worry so damn much.
  7. Parenting is harder than it looks. Have a baby later in life; it’s better for you. You need to know yourself first and your friends with parenting experience will help you focus on what matters most. (I did this and thank you to all my girlfriends who have helped me be a better mama!) #mostimportantjob
  8. People will come into your life and people will leave your life. Learn why as soon as possible. Otherwise, you get to experience it over and over and over again until you learn the life lesson. Try not to repeat the same class!
  9. Your character is defined by how you treat people in your best moments and how you treat them in their worst. Never forget this!
  10. Real friends matter. It isn’t in the number…it’s in the intimacy. Ultimately your real relationships live in your willingness to share the 5% you really don’t want to share. Let people know you. You’ll be surprised!

Now, please send me something you wish you knew then!

All in,