Faith is Fuel

Faith is an interesting perspective. Some attach it to religion while others align with the word from a spiritual perspective. Regardless of your take, I am inspired by the Head Coach of the Croatian Football (soccer) team when they played in the World Cup Finals. It was a gift in my life to be in Croatia at the time of the game; to watch the Head Coach as he stood proudly believing in his team until the final whistle was blown.
I have a thing for great coaching. Coach Zlatko Dalic, highly focused, having been a player himself, knew first-hand what it means to have a coach that believes. It takes a unique perspective and person, who has the mind power, to believe with certainty, something is possible when so many doubt.

Let’s take a step back and look at the resources. Croatia is a small country that didn’t even exist 30 years ago, it isn’t a wealthy country with the financial resources to buy players or underwrite huge football team resources. So how did they beat England in the semifinals, a far stronger team with greater resources?

It’s a David and Goliath story, though they didn’t win the World Cup, their great journey speaks to their team’s spirit. Spirit is always a reflection of great coaching at all levels of a team from head coach to team members.
It is about believing. Believers are driven differently than non-believers, they have passion, focus, and a sense of faith that they can do it. Believers are inspirers, they don’t let the naysayers get in the way. They tune out those who don’t share their vision or drive.

As I say: “Get on board or get out of the way!”

Faith is not a strategy for success. Faith is the fuel that gets our tank running on high octane and helps us believe that what we deserve can be ours. If we are willing to do what it takes and believe that everything you need is within.

All in,

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