5 Perspectives that Drag you Down

  1. Negativity is not a platform for change, it depletes energy and limits our ability to see what is possible.
  2. You can’t shine if you don’t have the mindset, skill set or processes that allow you to do a job, of any kind, well. Shiners are competent and fanatical about learning.
  3. Stop waiting for others to inspire you or teach you. Decide what you want and why, this is at the heart of turning on your motivational switch. If you aren’t turned on you can’t shine.
  4. Choosing not to engage in your life passionately. Engagement and enthusiasm are at the heart of shining, your energy is like electricity and it lights others up.
  5. Living without gratitude limits your shine. Gratitude and our compassion to help others serves not just others but enlightens our soul. Live “all in”.

All in,

#Positivity #Mindset #BeaShiner


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