Turn on your 2019 Motivational Switch

A New Year can be overwhelming. It can be daunting to think of the challenges you face in your life, and how you want to grow, succeed, and prosper. Sometimes our goals can be so big that facing them can be intimidating. Here I share my 3 tricks for turning on the motivation and setting yourself up for success.

  1. First, break down those big goals. Think of your big goals as preparing to run a marathon… the best way to prepare for a marathon is to up your running routine one mile at a time. Watching yourself progress can be motivating.
  2. If you are adding something to your life, what are you letting go? You have to make room for the new things (including people, hobbies, personal time…) to give yourself enough space to grow.
  3. Cut out people and things that haven’t brought you joy in the last 6 months. Waiting for others to change is a waste of your time and energy. The only change you can control is your choice.

WRAP UP: Only you have the key to turn on your motivational switch

Keep inspiring others,