Thinking First Matters Most – Take the Time

As proactive as we may want to be, the reality is stuff happens…. and the world tends to shift us into a reactive mode.  Welcome to living a life of endless “urgent and important” in leadership.

Thinking is a critical part of every job.  It doesn’t matter what the position is, we bring our best value when we are thinking, and the more proactively we think, the better.

The benefits of thinking are endless. Thinking allows you to feel grounded in your direction and more confident in your decisions.
It ensures you stay more proactive and less overwhelmed when you are thrown into those inevitable
reactive realities of your world.

How much time do you and your teammates spend thinking and preparing?
By taking the time to think, we improve productivity while lessening mistakes and redundancy….plus, it feels good.

I had a boss years ago put it to me this way: “Renie, I pay you to think and then do…thinking first matters most!”
Honestly, it rocked my world and to this day I plan time every Sunday to think and plan.

Something to think about…

All in,

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