To Meet or Not to Meet…..That is the Question + Four Meeting Hacks

The Meeting Dilemma.  In most organizations, everyone feels they have to attend too many meetings that eat up our workdays.  So, how do we solve this?  Make meetings productive.

Meetings should be about thinking time.  What are we focused on?  What business problems do we need to solve?  What are customers saying to us that we need to think about?  How can we leverage this market opportunity? What obstacles are in our team members’ way and how can we remove them?

The best way for leaders to get the most out of meetings and people’s brains, is to ensure that they are about thinking and solving business problems together, not regurgitating information.


Team Self-Reflection

Give your meeting members the following quiz to see how effective your meetings are, and their value:

  • Does the meeting start and end on time?
  • Do people respect each other enough to respect the time and preparation required for the meeting to run effectively?
  • Does the meeting have a clear outcome/purpose?
  • Is there someone designated to send a timed, specific agenda 48 hours prior to the meeting?
  • Are things that need to be reviewed at the meeting shared in advance?
  • Is there a visual timer (use an IPAD) and timekeeper to keep the meeting on track? Do participants respect the thankless timekeeper job?
  • Does someone keep a “bin” for things that fall outside of the meeting agenda or that need to be addressed at some other time, have a place to live?
  • At the end of the meeting do participants report out on what they will do and by when, so there is an accountability to follow up in place?


4 BIG Tips for Productive Meetings

  1. Skip minutes (it gives those not taking them an excuse not to listen).   

    Practice makes progress
    Practice good meetings
  2. Have agreements about squirreling, repeating, tardiness and general meeting commitments.
  3. Keep a timed agenda. It will keep your more accountable and help you from running late or not addressing everything that is on the agenda.
  4. Start with the hard stuff upfront. Leaving it to the end means you won’t get to it.


Let’s meet soon…Renie


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