Three tips for better communication – even if you’re the boss

People want to hear from the boss.  Communication is a key element of leadership, and it’s something you definitely need to make the effort to do daily.  Here are three great tips for better communication that you can start TODAY!

1.  Create an internal blog that is from your President or COO. Get people sharing and talking.  The more personal you make it – the better.  Don’t be afraid to share, and even be a little vulnerable.  It makes you real.

2.  Walk around the business and spark conversations.  Too often, we get stuck behind the desk, which keeps us disconnected.

3.  Ask people what they think. They will tell you.  Do your best to make it a habit to ask open ended questions such as “What do you think we could do to make this better?” Or, “What are your thoughts….?”  This inspires clean communication.

These ideas are simple ways to get started, but it takes time to develop open communication.  The best thing to do – start TODAY!



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