Leadership and Business Strategy in the “Big Game.”

Leadership Inspiration from the Championship Game……

Every year, like millions of other people, I love to watch the “Big Game.”  Between the stories of the players, the competitiveness of the teams and, of course, the entertainment – there are a lot of great leadership and business strategy lessons to be learned:

  1. Know your opponent.  Their strengths are your proactive defensive strategies.  Their weaknesses are your opportunities to capitalize on.
  2. Preparation and discipline are half the game.  They always pull through in the end.
  3. Never underestimate talent. The more people on your team who play at the truly outstanding level, the more likely you win!  Fill your team with mediocre players, and you won’t make the playoffs.
  4. The head game is always a predictive index.  If you lose your focus or your positive mindset – you lose.  Also, visualizing your success is another key to keeping your mind in the right space.
  5. Entertainment matters.  Making things interesting and engaging for the audience (aka customers) keeps people present, accounted for and buying…and it’s not just the half time show.  Commercials are part of the entertainment package and that’s why companies pay $5.25 million for a 30 second spot!
  6. It always comes down to leadership, on and off the field.  Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots are a perfect example of that.  Their ability to win six championship games is because the team is full of leaders.  Remember – leadership is a behavior, not a position.
Be Daring in leadership - Mediocrity changes nothing!
Go for it!

Is your team playing like the “Big Game” every day?

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