Are you a manager or a coach?

If you want to be a better leader, be a coach – NOT a manager!  Those who take the time to learn great coaching skills are far more effective, and get the best results from their people.

Coaching is different from managing. Coaching is about optimizing an individual’s potential.  Managing is the facilitation of people, product and process.  Coaches don’t focus on their ideas; they focus on helping the employee uncover the best solutions.  This is why those who coach have stronger teams, stronger outcomes, and higher revenue.

Great Coaches:

  1. Coach to the employee’s style – not their own.
  2. Don’t judge, tell, or pretend to know all of the answers
  3. Are prepared, have compassion and are fully present.
  4. Create a powerful learning environment – they care how the experience feels.
  5. Don’t let their own crap get in the way of helping a person with their crap.

When we coach instead of manage, we bring out the best in our people, and ultimately our business.

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