Inspire innovation with your team – three great hacks.

Ready to create the most innovative company in your industry?  It starts with contribution.  People want to contribute.  It increases employee engagement and satisfaction, particularly if ideas are put to use.   Even the smallest ideas can become a part of a brainstorm that turns into significant innovation.

Three ways to inspire innovation within your company:

  1. Create opportunities for people to give: ideas, feedback, knowledge, etc. They can be formal or informal meetings, off-site activities, or dedicated time at the end of a meeting.
  2. Have a weekly topic for emails or ideation box, and get people to contribute their ideas. This is a great way for the introverts to still stay involved.
  3. Challenge your team come up with solutions to a problem through improving a process, customer experience and profitability – all within 30 minutes. You’ll be amazed at their ideas.

As a leader, it is worth the effort to create an environment that fosters innovation.  Take the time and see the results!



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Encourage your team to play BIG!


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