Successful leader trait: Self-confidence


Having strong self-leadership requires a sense of confidence which is much different that ego.  If you are a self-confident leader, you have faith in yourself and your abilities to get the job done right.  You accept constructive criticism, and although you make the final decision, you welcome other’s opinions in order to get the best outcome.

However, ego is all about the “What’s in it for me?” attitude.  Leaders that have a big ego are more likely to step over anyone who gets in their way, are resistant to feedback, and always want to be “right.”  Clearly, this is not a way to be an effective leader!

Be sure that you leave your ego at the door and bring your confident self to the table.  As others are watching and learning from you, modeling a healthy self-confidence is a great way to develop this important leadership attribute among your team.

The Self-Leadership Awareness Quiz

Here are 3 self-reflection questions that will enhance your leadership effectiveness awareness:

1.  How do people feel when I walk into a room
2.  How do people feel when I leave the room?
3.  Do people who report to me tell me the truth?

  1. Practice makes progress
    Practice good meetings


Is it ego or self-confidence?  Be aware… be very aware…


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