Building a Great Culture with Employee Recognition

What do successful organizations who have great cultures do?  They take the time for employee recognition.  Whether its’s a quick note, a shout-out in a meeting, or presenting a well-deserved award, people shine when they are encouraged.  People want to know that you believe in them.

Here are three ways to start recognizing employees today:

  1. Send an email recognizing a specific contribution a person has made, and CC the team when you do it. It doesn’t have to be an essay!  Even two sentences that say “Nice work, keep it up!  You are really rocking it this week” is great.
  2. Acknowledge successful results publicly. If someone did outstanding work, let them know!  At Aspire, we finish our staff meeting with “Shout-outs” to recognize peers when they are doing an awesome job – publicly.
  3. Coach employees and share that you know they can generate important results. The more often you coach your people, the more they feel recognized.  This is especially true when you take those moments to show how their work is contributing to the team.

When you take the time to recognize your employees, you will build the rapport that is needed to have a successful culture.  It’s worth the effort, and you will find both the immediate and long-term results are highly impactful



Focus on your people!


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