How to win the game in business…

Keep Your Eye on the Ball (in business)

While soaking up the sunshine at a recent Spring Training game, I was reflecting on how much business is just like baseball.  It offers lots of options, many decisions, and requires you to play on a team. You can’t win on your own; you don’t lose by yourself. It starts with desire and ends with a variety of powerful experiences.

On a baseball team, you have 9 players on the field at one time but there are lots of other players on the team. Everyone has a role, along with responsibilities that make impact and drive the results of the team. It is not just the 9 players on the field: the coaches, the sports therapists and doctors, the manager(s), the batboy, the field crew, and even the bench all come together for one powerful and common purpose (vision): TO WIN!

Management defines the vision; the coaching team determines the strategies and the players’ job is to execute. In baseball, the mission is about coming together to win each game while entertaining the fans. It is about selling seats, hot dogs and caps and creating energy that energizes an entire community. Everyone contributes, including the fans. It is more than winning the pennant…that symbol of the measurable goal! To get there, a good team and coaching staff knows that maximizing the potential of each player while choreographing the entire team’s efforts gets you to the win.

Whether you win or lose is a reflection of how you play.  While some people play full out, others do not.   As a business leader, it is your job to encourage your team to play ALL IN, together, to win the game.

How to win this game:

  • Choose your team carefully
  • Get everyone in the right position
  • Train hard to condition and prepare to play
  • Practice often to build and hone your skills
  • Know the competition
  • Take calculated risks during the game
  • Move beyond your comfort zone

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