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7 Leadership Lessons I learned on my Ski Adventure

It has been 7 years since I got back on my boards.  I used to ski a great deal when I lived in Colorado, where I spent a lot of time on what Denverites affectionately call “the hill”.  Recently, I went on a ski trip to Telluride with people I didn’t know well, who all indicated they were frequent skiers…so I began to pray.  Thankfully, most of it came back to me.

Life is full of learning moments and you never know when they will hit you.  So here’s a few of those lessons:

  1. Head trash is the devil. It’s hard to find confidence when the little people in your brain are scaring the crap out of you. Good to note… my pride and limbs are in good shape.
  2. Take a class. You can never learn enough.
  3. Habits can be hard to break and it sometimes takes a little more time than you want.  Hang in there and keep practicing the new and improved ways.  Follow someone who is really outstanding. They are the models you need!
  4. Lean forward – when you sit back on your skis (or laurels) you run the risk of losing real control.
  5. New equipment (resources, competition, etc.) changes the game.  Take time and learn to use new tools (skis have really changed in 7 years)!
  6. When the conditions go south (as in you can’t see through the white out) be humble enough to know when “it’s time to call it a day.”  Some days just don’t work out the way you had hoped.
  7. You never learn anything in your comfort zone…
Challenge yourself today, become a better leader tomorrow.
Challenge yourself today, become a better leader tomorrow.

Live all in!

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