Be an Includer. Never Underestimate the Need to Belong.

Are you an includer or excluder?  Includers are the people who rally the team and know how to get things done effectively.  They understand that when people feel valued and included, they participate (pillar 5*) at an entirely different level.  They care more deeply.  They communicate more effectively. They support others with more kindness.

Excluders are people with low self-confidence.  They find their inner power through making others feel small and lack the compassion needed to align people and make big results happen.  They tend to trigger drama and allow gossip to have a voice in the workplace.  They can move things incrementally, but can’t sustain any long term or remarkable success.

People have a need to be included.  They want to be a part of a tribe.  Imagine the power of an organization of committed includers: the way new team members will feel, the synergy it will create, and ultimately the tribe that will become unstoppable.

Never underestimate the need to belong.  Start your mission to be an includer now…

All in,

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Be the includer
Be grateful for those who raise your bar

Live all in!

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