Everyone Wants to Shine

Everyone wants to shine!  A great way to be a champion of your team’s “shine factor” is to help them feel pride.  When people feel they contribute, they shine.  Think of how you feel when your contribution makes a difference your team.  That pride is contagious.  Here’s three ways to make an impact today:

  1. Find ways that individuals can champion tasks. Everyone feels pride when they take successful ownership of a project, big or small. Then, recognize their efforts and results publicly.
  2. Make sure your employee of the month or other recognition is consistent and substantive. When you honor your people for their specific contribution, others take notice. Keep it authentic, not just going through the motions makes a big difference as well.
  3. Recognize accomplishments outside of work. Give people bragging moments about their life and acknowledge their contributions no matter how big or small. This builds connection with your team, and often gives people perspective into other’s lives that otherwise may not happen.




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