Accountability: it’s the Secret Sauce

Responsibility = accountability.

We all want our team to be functioning at its most optimal level.   Whether it’s your team at work, your own family at home, or even your recreational softball team, we all want to know we can count on our people to deliver.  So, what is the secret sauce?  It’s all about taking ownership, AKA being accountable.  When we hold one another responsible, we create accountability.

As a leader, the 3 most important questions you can ask to ensure you will set the wheels of  accountability in place are:

*What will you do?
*By when will you do it?
*How will I know?

Next time you have a meeting, be sure you are asking all three of these questions to make sure all the “assignments” really are covered.  You will be amazed at the difference it makes when people truly are held accountable to their deliverables.




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