Outstanding leaders do this one thing with problems….

The way leaders look at problems is a key difference between outstanding and mediocre leaders.  Often, leaders tell their people to only bring a problem if they can present a solution (or don’t bother with bringing the problem in the first place).  This is a terrible strategy!  Why would they need you if they already have a solution?  And if they have a solution…then they should be executing it.

You want to encourage people to bring you their problems.  Creating an environment where problems are welcome actually raises your awareness of the challenges your team is facing in real time.
In addition, when people bring you their problems, you can think with them on ways to solve it together.  You will foster a place where your team learns, feels empowered to say “I don’t know,” and becomes a part of whatever solution you design together. Not to mention, problems are at the heart of innovation.

Be a problem lover!


Problems welcome here
Problems always welcome

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