Women in the World – 10 Key Takeaways From These Incredible Leaders

What is your legacy?

I attended the “Women in the World Summit” in Manhattan last week with 2000+ other amazing women.  It was an enlightening three days beginning with Oprah kicking us off, and then Hillary closing us down.  With so many fantastic speakers and panels… my head is still spinning with excitement, learning, awakening and inspiration.

A few BIG takeaways and inspiring quotes to live by:

  1. Don’t run from it.  Run it! ~ 12-year-old poet
  2. Character is the only thing you have absolute control over. ~ Susan Rice (former National Security Director)
  3. You can’t have what you want by focusing on what you don’t want…
  4. Your behavior reflects your values. Take ownership!
  5. We have 12 years before climate change is unrepairable. Don’t believe it? Ask a scientist.  This is not a political issue this is a human issue.
  6.  “Let yourself shine.” ~ Oprah
  7. Let your haters be your motivators.” ~ Stacey Abrams (ran for Governor of Atlanta)
  8. Clarity is the foundation for others to successfully execute the mission…the work.
  9. “You don’t defeat someone else.  You set your intention and focus on the win.” ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton
  10. Stop waiting for permission.  Own what you are destined to be great at…get busy!

It is time for us all to lead.  Lead in our lives, our work, our community, our families.  Each voice matters and it isn’t enough to just vote.  It is our privilege to be involved in what we believe in.  Make your legacy extraordinary.

Live all in,

Oprah Winfrey
Let yourself shine

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