How to become more innovative: think differently.

Innovation Starts Here – By Thinking Differently

Smart leaders become innovative by building muscle around thinking differently.  They don’t see the world through the same viewfinder as others, and they challenge themselves to spend time thinking about what else may be possible.  If you want to be innovative, you must change your approach.

6 tips to begin thinking differently:

  1. Ask a new question.  If you want to think differently you have to ask a different question. The same question yields the same thinking.
  2. Change your environment.  For example: staff meetings are really thinking and communication meetings.  How often do you change the agenda or location?   Does everyone sit in the same seat, next to the same people?  How much time to you spend thinking and ideating vs. going through the action items?
  3. Be a fanatical obstacle remover.  Ask: What obstacles am I overlooking that I need to minimize to help my team get where they need to go?
  4. Creativity counts.  What resources do we have that we underutilize?  How can we take the mundane and make it something special?
  5. Know your goal.  Focus on the outcome of what you are trying to think differently about.  Don’t get stuck on what you currently do or how you might do it.
  6. Think more.  Process less.  Ideation opens the mind and that is where new ideas, solutions and approaches live.

Take a peek into your world’s kaleidoscope and you will be surprised by all the opportunities you see when you take the time to think, look and listen differently.

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Start with changing HOW you think!
Think differently – get results

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