How to Find More Joy in your Work

Finding joy in work can sometimes be challenging. As the days can fly by, we often find ourselves on autopilot, feeling like something is missing…..and often, it is joy.  It is important to find happiness at work, as it is the #1 thing that keeps us motivated, engaged, and reduces our stress…all things that help us shine at work.

Joy is like anything you want. You create it!  Here are a few tips to begin finding your joy at work:

1. Engage with intention. The more engaged we are, the more our contributions help to connect us to our team.  Engage in your work as if your life depends on it.

2. Help others focus on what they like and love about their work. This creates joy and improves productivity as people who love their work are competent and interested in learning and growing.

3. Whenever possible, do work that leverages your strengths. The more you use your strengths, the more fun you have. No one likes to focus on their weaknesses and people generally love to do the things they do well.

4.  Look at your mindset. Ask:

  • How is my work valuable to the organization and others?
  • Who can I better connect with at work so I feel more a part?
  • How does my job help me have what I want in my life?
  • What can I do that will help me bring joy every day?

5. If you don’t have a positive mindset then the real question is, “What and where is my next job so I have more joy in my life?”

6.  Be realistic. Not all aspects of a job will bring you joy. What matters is that you find more joy than sorrow or annoyance.

Remember: what you focus on comes true.  When you focus on joy, you will find more happiness and trigger your motivational switch.  Go ahead, and flip that switch.  Find your joy.

Live all in,

Find joy in the love of your work.

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