Leadership development: Always Have an Eye on the Future…

When it comes to leadership, how do you stay ahead of the competition? How do you innovate in your niche? How can your team think differently when most people hold on tightly to what they know? To have the competitive advantage, it’s all about keeping your eye on the future and looking for opportunities. Finding opportunities can be […]

How to become more innovative: think differently.

Innovation Starts Here – By Thinking Differently Smart leaders become innovative by building muscle around thinking differently.  They don’t see the world through the same viewfinder as others, and they challenge themselves to spend time thinking about what else may be possible.  If you want to be innovative, you must change your approach. 6 tips […]

Women in the World – 10 Key Takeaways From These Incredible Leaders

What is your legacy? I attended the “Women in the World Summit” in Manhattan last week with 2000+ other amazing women.  It was an enlightening three days beginning with Oprah kicking us off, and then Hillary closing us down.  With so many fantastic speakers and panels… my head is still spinning with excitement, learning, awakening and inspiration. […]

Outstanding leaders do this one thing with problems….

The way leaders look at problems is a key difference between outstanding and mediocre leaders.  Often, leaders tell their people to only bring a problem if they can present a solution (or don’t bother with bringing the problem in the first place).  This is a terrible strategy!  Why would they need you if they already […]

Engagement is the Name of the Game

Employee engagement is key!  According to Gallup, around 70% of American workers are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work. When you consider that the average American will spend at least one-third of his or her life working, this is a particularly sobering statistic! It’s no secret…engaged people are the more productive, aligned and committed […]

Be an Includer. Never Underestimate the Need to Belong.

Are you an includer or excluder?  Includers are the people who rally the team and know how to get things done effectively.  They understand that when people feel valued and included, they participate (pillar 5*) at an entirely different level.  They care more deeply.  They communicate more effectively. They support others with more kindness. Excluders are people with low […]

Successful leadership starts with this.

Getting your Head into the Game Starts with your Mindset All human beings have one thing in common.  We feel the way we think, and our thoughts drive our behaviors.  Successful leadership starts with a positive mindset. Everything we do regardless of what it is, begins with how we think and that reflects our truth, and ultimately […]

Successful leader trait: Self-confidence

  Having strong self-leadership requires a sense of confidence which is much different that ego.  If you are a self-confident leader, you have faith in yourself and your abilities to get the job done right.  You accept constructive criticism, and although you make the final decision, you welcome other’s opinions in order to get the […]

Leadership and Business Strategy in the “Big Game.”

Leadership Inspiration from the Championship Game…… Every year, like millions of other people, I love to watch the “Big Game.”  Between the stories of the players, the competitiveness of the teams and, of course, the entertainment – there are a lot of great leadership and business strategy lessons to be learned: Know your opponent.  Their strengths are […]

To Meet or Not to Meet…..That is the Question + Four Meeting Hacks

The Meeting Dilemma.  In most organizations, everyone feels they have to attend too many meetings that eat up our workdays.  So, how do we solve this?  Make meetings productive. Meetings should be about thinking time.  What are we focused on?  What business problems do we need to solve?  What are customers saying to us that […]

10 Easy Ways to Improve your Communication

We all know that communication can help or hurt relationships and yet frequently we don’t take the time to ensure our communication is landing as we intended. Here are a few tips on ways to raise your communication bar: Talk less, listen more Stop sending emails and texts with bad or embarrassing news. A great self-leadership rule […]

We follow the leaders we love…

We follow the leaders we love… “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”   ~Robert Frost Remember, when your people feel deeply connected, they participate in their life (and work!) with a different level of commitment. Don’t forget: connection builds rapport; rapport builds trust; and the intimacy of trust allows us to be […]

Is Intentional Leadership a Priority for You?

Are you making intentional leadership a priority? High performance leaders are intentional in their approach to leading themselves, others and the communities they work in. Emotionally engaging leaders have 6 common behaviors (pillars) that they are intentionally focused on. These pillars create organizational alignment and makes: the work more exciting the environment more empowering and enjoyable […]

Leaders, Listen and Learn

Listen and Learn. Your employees are the voice of your operational realities. They are your eyes and ears of your guest experience and give you foundational insights into your real SWOT (Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats.) Here are three questions to ask your employees. Invite them in small groups to meet with you and just listen […]

Your vibe is your tribe

I am blessed to hang with my fellow aspirates every day. Don’t get me wrong…things hit the fan. People can sometimes drive me crazy. Pettiness pisses me off and mistakes happen. Then I step back and remember I would rather spend time with this tribe any day than with any other. Nothing is perfect. No one is without limitations. These people are […]

12 things I’ve learned about evaluating my own leadership

If you think leadership development is expensive, imagine the cost of weak leadership! Think about you and your team. Where are you? Where is your team? How are your leaders performing? Do you know what people want? Every year I self-reflect on my own leadership effectiveness focusing on 12 things. These focus areas are included in […]

Is your communication all talk?

Most people confuse communication with talking. Talk can be inspiring. It can be engaging. It can be informative. But talking tends to be a monologue. I’m a talker. Hell, I get paid to talk for a living and that doesn’t mean I’m a great communicator. Communication is a dialogue. It is always interesting to me when people say […]

Lead with heart

To be All In requires your heart… I was recently asked what role emotional intelligence plays in the 21st century workplace. My answer: If you want employee engagement, you had best be an expert in emotional intelligence. #leadwithheart  How do you strengthen your leadership effectiveness through improving your emotional intelligence? Find ways to connect with your people at a […]

Lead with kindness

Pay-It-Forward Day was this past Saturday. It is an annual, global celebration to raise our consciousness around the impact of our kindness and the ripple effect we each have on one another. It is a day of reflection on how we commitment to acts of kindness. When I viewed this video, it reminded me of what matters […]

Squash Negativity

Recently I was in a meeting full of stimulating conversation…people solving dynamic and difficult problems with diverse and passionate perspectives. I was inspired. They were aligned and respectful as they sat at a table that influenced so many people both inside and outside their organization. They were supportive and passionate–and even in their different ideas and solutions they […]

Does Culture Matter? Ask Tom Brady!

If you don’t think culture matters, just ask Tom Brady. It wasn’t that he had a bad day. And it wasn’t the unsportsmanlike conduct he displayed by not shaking the winning quarterback’s hand. Even die-hard Patriots fans questioned that! Instead, it was that this Philly team showed up with the right owner (stakeholder), coaches (leadership team), […]

Balancing Act

Life is Never in Balance that’s why it’s a Balancing Act. If you’re like me, you struggle with life-work balance. It’s a never-ending pursuit for my team, too. Entrepreneurs are “all in” kinds of people. (And so are many leaders… that’s how you got where you are today.) We have to be tenacious, demanding, and […]

Are you All in?

Imagine everyone in your organization engaged, aligned, and performing to their potential. Imagine everyone playing “All In” Great organizations have synergy. Their culture allows them to play to a rhythm at a different tempo than the average organization. How do you get that at your organization? Consider this: If you aren’t all in, no one else will […]

10 Lessons Learned this year

Here are a few lessons I learned in 2017. In some instances, I was reminded AGAIN! Lesson 1:  Look at your business with fresh eyes. Think as if today were your first day in your position and plan your priorities accordingly. Ask yourself, “If I were hired today, what would I do with my business tomorrow?” […]

Reflections: The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

I began my journey as an entrepreneur 23 years ago. It has been an amazing gift…an amazing ride! I was asked in a recent interview if leading Aspire has been a smooth road. I had to laugh. Loudly! Anyone who says owning a business is a smooth road is lying, ignorant or unconscious! The road is […]

Get your crystal ball

Look. Listen. Explore. Evolve. The future is easy to predict. Leadership is the hard stuff! Leaders have to inspire all that is possible, optimize people and market opportunities, and push for maximum performance.  At the same time, they must: Be grounded Be present to their organization’s realities Facilitate their team’s growth and evolution As a leader, it […]

Expecting Loyalty?

A person I often work with recently asked if I was still loyal. The answer was yes and still the question was uncomfortable. We all expect loyalty… from our friends, co-workers, boss, spouse or partner, and from our employees. What are we really asking? Being loyal means you honor and respect a person enough to have real conversations. This is my […]

Away we go

Lumbering herald of Fall, We surrender to introspection… A gift from our future, Please offer us the quality of silence. Give us the strength to move inward… toward peace and tranquility. We make this journey with confidence and faith, Knowing you are within us; here to guide us. We let go. We embrace the winding road […]

All Terrain

Learning to enjoy the ride I just returned from my EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization) annual Forum Retreat.  After working on our businesses for a few days, we went out for “a ride.” I had never been on an ATV before and thought, “it has four wheels and a cushion seat… you sit and you drive… how […]

Watch the Weather

Similar to a meteorologist showing you weather on its way—and its potential impact—business intelligence indicators predict winds of change. Yes, weather patterns change and in your business, things change at a moment’s notice. It gets cloudy and sometimes stormy, and the thing about weather is that it always passes. So do challenging times! Strategic leaders utilize the […]

Competent People are Happy People

Over the years, we have studied what makes some people outstanding performers while others are simply mediocre. Say hello to the Aspire Competency Model™ We spent thousands of hours of study, research, modeling and analysis to synthesize how to coach people to their potential and have identified the three components that predict competency levels which […]

What do you generate?

The way I see it, there are 2 types of people in the world: The energy generators and the energy suckers. You know the energy suckers—those that only see what can’t be—they worry incessantly but don’t have the courage to move forward or make change. They often see what is wrong with a situation and blame […]

Action required!

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” * ~ Charles Darwin, English Biologist   History’s greatest value to us as human beings is in our willingness to embrace it and learn from it. Then to act upon what we know to be true! […]

Silence the Echo Chamber

I remember the first time I went to diversity training… I didn’t get it.  I was born and raised in Philadelphia. Diversity wasn’t something you needed much training on. It was (and remains) a wonderful element of life.  Diversity in our teams is important.  Having a variety of perspectives and experiences allows you to make smarter, more […]

Ego Leader, Beware!

There is a big difference between a confident person and an egotistical one.  I suggest you choose the former. When we are effective, we are confident whereas ego tends to hide our insecurities. Your confidence is a beautiful part of who you are. It is your conscious competency shining through. Your confidence is not defined by […]

How we play reflects how we lead

I was recently speaking at a conference where the leaders wanted me to speak about how to get their people more engaged and motivated. We started the event with a musically oriented interactive for 700+ people. As I watched the audience decide if and how they would participate, I saw that as the leaders played […]

We follow the leaders we love

“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”   ~Robert Frost   When your people feel deeply connected, they participate in their life (and work!) with a different level of commitment.   Connection builds rapport……rapport builds trust…….and the intimacy of trust allows us to be emotionally engaged.   You want your people to know they […]

Chaos breeds brilliance

  Chaos is where brilliance is born! When I see chaos, I look for the great kernels of brilliance lying within it. Chaos happens for many reasons and in minimizing the noise, solutions and innovation appear before us! As a leader you have to actively focus on the why behind the chaos so you can […]

How are you changing focus in 2017?

As times change, so must people… either in their role, their skill set, or their position. You need to look at your team’s strengths and not be afraid to focus them differently to align them with your 2017 business objectives. How will they benefit? How will you? Some people may not make the cut and transitioning them proactively […]


Once you decide where you are going, you must become a fanatical messenger to your team members. Communicate why you are evolving and what it means to them. How will they need to act differently? How will they need to think differently? Most importantly, what will they need to DO differently for the change to become a […]

Create an improvement platform!

I find it interesting that I hear so many leaders talk about wanting Constant and Never Ending Improvement (CANI) and yet they don’t focus on it. Ask yourself these 3 simple questions: How are we improving our processes to improve our customer experience? What are we doing that improves our team members’ competencies? Are their ways […]

If people aren’t cutting it, cut them.

We all know that we can’t accomplish much of anything beyond mediocre without the right people. At some level, extraordinary businesses have a no-tolerance mindset towards mediocrity which results in a high number of outstanding performers. Is this harsh? Of course not. If you want to be the best, you have to select and coach the best. The deeper […]

17 Things to Consider when Planning for 2017

Think Differently… As you and your team start the 2017 planning process, step back and aggressively challenge the status quo.   If you want to raise the bar, you will have to do things differently. That means change and evolve. Hoping that things will just get better is not a strategy for success;  it is a […]

The story makes the experience. The experience makes the brand.

Every interaction is an opportunity to tell your story… a story that speaks to your brand and your culture. From how it feels when someone answers the phone to how you present your menu and food, your stories unfold. Storytelling is fundamental to how you market your message. It is a differentiator. It takes a […]

Too much energy?

Why people get annoyed with energetic and enthusiastic people is beyond me. I get that not everyone is moving at 100 miles an hour or sees the full spectrum kaleidoscope rather than just the three primary colors. I can respect that! But the world is fueled by energy. It takes tremendous momentum to innovate and effectively […]

The Culture Club

What matters most in building a strong culture? Engagement. What is engagement? At Aspire we define it as the ability to build a fanatical commitment to your brand’s promise and company values. Your brand promise is the experience every customer gets from  your product or service. Your values are how you get things done. When […]


It is hard for people to imagine what they cannot see. If they could, the iPhone, iPad, the PC and the Walkman would have never been envisioned. The key is to stop and think with your team. Just ideate! We recently took horrible hallways and designed them into floors of art galleries, taking the bad and […]

“With great power comes great responsibility,” (from “Spider-Man”)

Power is an interesting thing. With it you can make tremendous impact relatively easily. Understanding that impact is what makes some leaders Super Heroes and others Super Duds! When I see someone with power misuse, it just makes me feel “icky” inside. I understand that power triggers our egos and when we move from an […]

Work… It IS personal.

I find it interesting that somewhere along the way, some clever writer wrote, “work isn’t personal.” From where I sit, work is damn personal! Our work, regardless of the type of work we do, is like a fingerprint. It has our signature all over it, so helping others perform to their potential is an honor […]

An entire year of Thanksgiving? Yes!

When we began our 20th anniversary year journey and decided to celebrate our long-standing client relationships with the Aspire Living With Gratitude Tour, I didn’t realize the impact it would have…on me! We wanted to make our anniversary year all about our clients. About you! We wanted to show you how thankful we are that […]

Training in terms of ROI

If you think training your people is expensive, try not training them! Over the years, we see it time and again… when budgets get tight, training gets cut. And leadership development, which should be all the more important with a shrinking staff and a more intense need for performance, becomes non-existent. When you cut training, […]

Who you hang with is who you become

People who are curious and love learning are innovative thinkers and far more interesting to be around. They help open your mind. Over the years, I have worked with many people who listen like they have heard it all before and think that they already know. It is stunning what they miss and the impact […]

“A” Players Have Great Coaches

  Do you have a coach? That “go-to” person to think with, that person who helps you improve your performance and is committed to your development? Having a coach is a gift and a deliberate commitment. Not everyone understands coaching and the power that having a coach provides. Coaching is not about fixing something. Coaching […]

Say what needs to be said…in a way another person can have it

For me, I like communication clear and direct and over the years I have learned that many people need it a little “softer.” Understanding how another person needs to receive your feedback is paramount to effecting the change you want in those who are executing your plan. A criticism is just another way of making a […]

It’s ALWAYS about how you make them feel.

Maya Angelou said it best: “People will forget what you say; People will forget what you do; but, People will never forget how you made them feel” To me, this is about self-leadership — our responsibility to ourselves and to one another. How we make others feel can be so far-flung from our own perspective. We may not have […]

20 Lessons Honoring 20 Years

Hard to believe that 20 years ago someone actually hired me for consulting and training and that gift positioned me to build Aspire into a global company. I am not sure where the time went, though I definitely don’t look the same!   This year, we have been honoring our clients with our “Living with Gratitude” […]

Sharpening Your Knife

Ask any chef… the most important tool you can have in your kitchen is a sharp knife. No matter how sharp it is initially, after using that knife for an extended period of time, it becomes dull. The same goes for your learning and development. After a while, your leadership skills aren’t quite as sharp […]

This one is for you, leaders.

Not all leaders inspire us. Not all leaders support us while challenging us. Not all leaders care deeply as they insist we perform to our potential. Not all leaders think proactively.  And yet… all leaders touch our lives. What kind of leader will you choose to be today?  How do you want to touch the lives of […]

You have to be Present to Play

Imagine how many misunderstandings would be eliminated if we were just present in our conversations with one another. Most of us just hear, we don’t really listen. We allow our self-talk and those proverbial “squirrels” (distractions) to take over our minds, which means we are no longer focused on the person in front of us. We all […]

What’s Love Got to do with It? A boat load!

According to a recent study from Management professors Sigal Barsade and Olivia O’Neill, titled What’s Love Got To Do With It? and referenced in a Harvard Business Review article, fostering compassion in the workplace not only decreases employee withdrawal, absenteeism and burnout, it increases job satisfaction, commitment and accountability. Compassion is beyond empathy and a […]

It takes months to find a customer and minutes to lose one!

This past weekend, I was in beautiful Sedona staying at a wonderful 5-star Bed & Breakfast. It had an amazing location, an extraordinary setting and the casita itself had every special consideration you would expect from a 5-star product. And yet, I will never go back there. From the moment I arrived, the owner was […]

How do you push against the status quo?

In order for things to change, we actually have to do something differently; yet most of the time, we find ourselves talking about where we are today or the problem rather than igniting our team to think differently about a disruptive, new direction or smarter solution.  We get sucked into “if it ain’t broke…” a […]

How does your garden grow?

Spring brings renewal and it got me thinking…about tending to my many flowerpots and flowerbeds, refreshing my garden…and connection. Connection? Yes! I love gardening. It allows for creativity and requires little thought so it is real down time. And think about it…you must vigilantly tend your garden to keep the weeds out and for your […]

Team Spirit … It’s more business than you think

Think March Madness… What is it they do that engages so many people to care, participate, cheer and even bet their own money? Yes, there is the element of competition and that always creates team spirit. Then there are the emotional stories that are told about players, coaches and universities that make our hearts pound. […]

3 Ways to Coach

There are 3 types of coaching environments. Executive Coaching is the most comprehensive approach used by many C-level leaders to move beyond the work itself and explore what personal development is needed to ensure a highly effective leader. Most leaders are familiar with the second coaching environment, Situational Coaching. It occurs when there is a […]

Letting it Ride is Always a Bad Bet

Leaders know that change is often risky, disruptive, and messy. They understand that poor execution will have significant consequences. And yet leaders must choose to move the team forward despite these factors, because they recognize that progress doesn’t happen standing still. If you don’t do something different, you won’t get something different. Leaders live this […]

Lighting The Fire Within

Legendary choreographer Martha Graham once said, “Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.” Any dancer may have the technical skills to perform a set of choreography—and without passion, no dancer could withstand the hours of practice needed to perfect each routine, overcome the countless injuries that […]

A Strategic Business Weapon

Today, coaching is rapidly being recognized as one of the best strategic weapons a company can have in its arsenal. In fact, online retail giant Zappos.com keeps their Coaching Team in-house to help employees achieve consistent personal and professional development! It’s more than making and meeting benchmarks, though measurement does support progress. It’s personal.  Coaching […]

Leaders Are Storm Chasers. Are You?

Leaders actively pursue change in pursuit of not just constant and never-ending improvement but also the desire to quantum leap their organization’s products, services and market imprint. They strive to drive. They know change is sometimes messy and often risky. They are aware of the consequences should they fail and yet they realize that in […]

5 Things that are Really Scary…

Halloween is right around the corner, and there may be things lurking inside your organization that are more frightening than anything you’ll find outside: Negativity: nothing positive comes from negativity. Stay away from the CAVE people (people who are Constantly Against Virtually Everything). They provide no value to you. Fear: fear robs us of our […]

Keep the Good Times Rolling!

Do you remember spirit week? That week before homecoming, or the first big dance, or any week dedicated to having a little fun in the hallowed halls of your high school to build camaraderie. Does the fun have to end when you get a real job? Of course not! There’s always time for joy. Productivity […]

Are You “All in?”

As the saying goes…”if it is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” As a leader, the challenge of dealing with associates who choose to do the minimum amount required or consistently work at a mediocre level is more common than we realize. Over a 12-year study of performance in both people and organizations, Aspire found […]

Skillfully Navigating the Unknown

Businesses require both reactive and proactive thinking. All leaders must be able to respond to and manage the inevitable changes in the marketplace that impact our businesses. And the more proactive thinking time leaders make for themselves and their people to plan ahead, the less reactive situations they end up with. Reacting to events, customer […]

What is a Strategy?

Strategies define what will make your business successful over time. They are a road map for how you will get where you want to go. Last week I talked about making time to think strategically. Yet, it’s also about thinking differently. Here are some tips and questions to get you thinking in new ways about […]

It’s that time of year…

Can you believe we are already more than halfway through 2014? For most organizations, before you know it you will be in the thick of budgets and their related deadlines. The pressure to improve both the business’ financial performance and its asset value is ever present, which is why it’s so important to take a […]

Are you coasting?

I just came back from the National Speakers Association’s annual meeting, Perform 2014. Amazing! In our busy world, it is always important to fit in some learning time—whether it is networking, hanging with a mentor for an hour, reading, or attending a conference just to collect ideas and think. The learning never stops, unless you […]

What Coaches Want

My daughter is off to volleyball camp this week. It is her first sports camp, and as I dropped her off I remembered going to my first day at lacrosse camp years ago. As I can’t seem to remember anything these days, I felt pretty good about this small reflection back in time! Of course, anyone who’s […]

Are you relevant?

Every brand, regardless of whether it represents hundreds of business units or just one, needs to ensure its market relevance to survive. So often, business leaders think that their brand is defined by its creative look, physical plant/product, or market message. While these are certainly key elements to your brand’s success, it is the way […]

Innovation Requires Risk

We have all asked ourselves, “What if?” Or we’ve come up with ideas, and didn’t follow through. It is hard to risk what you have to create something new, or evolve something from what people know and are comfortable with into something they could never even imagine. Creating innovative environments requires leaders to set aside […]

Take a Lesson from the Experts

Let’s face it: these days most people hear “call center” and think of impersonal, inefficient service. And yet there is one industry that provides the exception to this rule: retail. There is always something to learn from the people getting it right. That’s why leaders have insatiable curiosity and are never satisfied with what they think they […]

Inspire People to Think Differently

Many people say they want to change and evolve their organizations and yet so frequently they choose instead to hold on tightly to what they know and what they have done. Leading change takes courage and disrupting the status quo is not always a welcomed “gift.” How you instigate change can be as important as […]

They Say Age Is Just A Number

We all know digital channels and consumer review sites are changing the game in marketing and distribution—and yet it turns out you can never replace human connection with a landing page or social engagement. People like to talk, and without investing in your voice channel and giving the people on the phone the skills they […]

The Leader’s Voice

If you have seen the movie Gravity, you can learn a lot from how George Clooney’s character impacts Sandra Bullock’s — after all, he is a natural leader for woman everywhere (…sorry for the regression). Back to leadership… veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski (George) worked with medical engineer Ryan Stone (Sandy) throughout her preparation to go […]

Keep Service In Perspective (Part 1)

When customers talk, the best leaders listen…carefully. A dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their negative experience, with 13% telling more than 20 (not including the thousands of people reached through online reviews). Of course responding well to customer complaints is essential to any organization’s longevity.  And yet, this reactive perspective toward customer service actually […]

Deliberately Disrupt the Status Quo

Often as leaders we hope that our organization will strive to consistently evolve the business. Performance is in constant change and being proactive about change ensures ongoing success. Our role as a leader is to challenge those who work for us to actively disrupt the status quo.  We need our teams to fear the status […]

Who is Stealing your Organization’s Energy?

We all know them.  The Naysayers. The “Pukers.” The energy thieves. The people whose endless negativity undermines other people and actually drains the potential out of your organization. As a leader, you face the toughest choices with these people, since they often possess valuable talents, and yet their impact on others is debilitating. Our research indicates that just 7% […]

Common Sense. It’s not so common!

Recently I have been observing how not-so-common common sense actually is.  I see people doing things two or three times when once would have been enough.  Not carefully examining a work product and having to redo it over and over.  Not focusing on the deliverable or outcome and having to correct the course repeatedly—not because […]

People Talk. You Listen.

Most of us would love to be great conversationalists, and the real key to being a great talker is to be a great listener. When you listen you won’t believe what people will actually tell you! Of course, being present with another person is not just polite. It tells them that what they are saying really […]

Perspective is at the heart of engaging in change

As a leader, you are charged with ensuring the evolution of your business.  For most leaders this is exhilarating; yet, change has its challenges. The greatest challenge is helping people realize that for things to change, they must change.  We are all happy with change as long as it doesn’t happen to us.  We all […]

It’s all About You

I want to thank you for all of your feedback and insights over the last year.  You all inspire me!  With that said, I would love to hear what the best advice you’ve ever received or heard as a leader, so please send your best TIP to renie@aspiremarketing.com and we will post the best ones […]

Making Tough Decisions

I recently attended the Boutique Lifestyle and Lodging Conference in Los Angeles. (For all you boutiques out there who didn’t make it, you’ll want in on this conference next year—tons of smart people who think differently!) While at the BLLA conference, I had the privilege to hang out with and interview Niki Leondakis, the CEO […]

Awaken the Possibilities in Others

“A conductor’s power depends on his ability to make other people powerful,” says conductor Ben Zander in the video linked below. As a leader, you are the conductor of your symphony. How do you get your “orchestra” to play together and to understand that how they harmonize reflects the performance they deliver?   Like an orchestra, […]

The Roles of Leadership

Being a leader is always invigorating and at times it is downright exhausting.  When you think about leadership, you have to think about the many roles of a leader: Visionary: seeing what no one else sees in the winding road ahead Educator: you have to coach people to awaken their potential and the potential of […]

Got Clarity?

I had an amazing interview the other day with an author, Tony Jeary, who has written 37 leadership books and has also coached all of the last 6 presidents. To say he is amazing would seem a bit of an understatement!  And his energy makes me look sleepy… He shared something that really stuck with […]

What’s Your Vibration?

Who is shaking up your environment? Emotion comes from motion. Turn it on and have some fun today. Little things are what change big things — so turn up your vibration. It’s more business than you think! Ready to get your vibrations going? Watch this fun video to get a little pep in your step! […]

Connected We Are Stronger

Connection is the gift we give another person.  Leaders are proactive connectors.  Leaders understand that connection aligns individuals into a powerful force. The fact is leadership is a behavior, not a position.  We all know leaders who have the title and don’t walk the talk or make the choices required to inspire others to awaken […]