Is Intentional Leadership a Priority for You?

Are you making intentional leadership a priority? High performance leaders are intentional in their approach to leading themselves, others and the communities they work in. Emotionally engaging leaders have 6 common behaviors (pillars) that they are intentionally focused on. These pillars create organizational alignment and makes: the work more exciting the environment more empowering and enjoyable […]

Empowering Yourself & Others Through Self-Leadership

Leadership isn’t only reserved for the people with a certain job title or authority position. Leadership can come in many forms and show itself differently within each person. The truth is that leadership isn’t a position, it’s an attitude. We all are given small moments where we can start to see ourselves as a leader every day of our lives. We become a leader not by the title on our business card, but by our choices we make and the actions we take. I call this “Self Leadership” and everyone inherently has this leader inside of them, it just sometimes takes some work to awaken.

The amazing thing about self-leadership is that it can illuminate and ignite untapped potential within us. By looking within, we can see that there is more to us than just our jobs, our financial status, and who we know. Self-leadership shows us that we have the power to contribute something important to the world and bring about change.

Self-Leadership…It’s All Inside

In today’s “work and home places”, we all have the opportunity to lead.  Leadership comes in many forms.  There are those who have the position of leadership, and yet the truth is, leadership is a behavior, not a position.  All of us have the opportunity to lead everyday through the choices we make and the […]

The Truth About Stress

There are many theories about stress, and one thing is for sure…the more you have, the less you live.  Stress puts you into busyness, and busyness stimulates intensity, which creates more stress. As a leader, our stress impacts others.  When we are overwhelmed, those around us pick up this energy and before you know it, […]

Engage… Everyone

No organization works optimally, or for that matter, above mediocrity without engaged people. People engage for a variety of reasons. How it feels: honorable, prestigious, valued, a part of something special – in the club… How it looks: how others perceive them, a team player, a contributor, important… What they get in return – The […]

Soul Thinking

Thinking from the soul allows you to tap into your passion and to live from your heart, not just your head.  Our soul is our center and we make decisions that we value intimately from our soul. Soul thinking is our ability to think and ultimately live from a place that matters; a place where […]

Think Differently

As a leader, it isn’t just about doing it better than the other guy, it is about moving the needle.  The only way to truly stand out from the competition is to look for things that you can do, large and small, to stand out from the clutter.  Start thinking… Think about your first impressions […]

Get Fired Up!

Success is a direct result of action. Think… Prepare…. Get your team’s contributions aligned with your strategies… Turn on the energy… And let it rip! Would you like to go to an Aspire Leadership Boot Camp?  If so, send me an email and I will personally give you the details .

Be A Learner

Be a Learner Extraordinary leaders are more curious and interested about what they don’t know rather than what they do.  Check-in on your own personal  learning time.  The impact will have “legs” as others will engage too… Do something new: Sign up for a class doing something you have always wanted to learn Read an […]

Getting Their Head into the Game

Getting Their Head into the Game As leaders , we are charged with optimizing our people and their productivity.  Many times I am asked,  “Why is it my people aren’t accountable, even though I have made their responsibilities and deliverables clear and I have given them the training, processes and systems to get the job […]

Tired of all the ‘gloom and doom’ in the media? | Wonder who is sharing positivity? We are! | Check out Renie’s article in USA Today

Choosing happiness Aspirations  Renie Cavallari April 4, 2012 How do we find happiness in an unpredictable workplace? We’ve all had those days when we say, “I’ve had it. I’m quitting.” But quitting usually isn’t the best solution. It is a fantasy that the grass is always greener on the other side. In the majority of […]

The Beginner’s Mind

Many times as leaders and coaches we get stuck in what we know and how it has been.  Today, take on a problem from a beginner’s mind. A beginner’s mind is open and not emotionally connected to the problem A beginner’s mind is curious and asks questions to ensure they understand the outcome and expectations. […]


We feel the way we think.  We can change how we feel about anything when we change how we think about it.  In today’s world, we have become programmed  to look for what is wrong.  Start looking for what is right and move from that perspective.  It not only feels better, it inspires others to […]


We all need inspiration.  Inspiration is like fuel.  Without it, it is hard to get anywhere. Look around.  Are you hanging out with people who inspire you? What sources of inspiration do you have available to you? For example: books, quotes, posters, and the like. If you would like a daily dose of inspiration, sign […]

Never Underestimate The Power of Negativity

Recently I experienced an amazing encounter.  A team of people had been working on a project and had uncovered opportunities that would allow a key demand generator in their business to substantially improve the business’ results.  You would think there would have been screams of victory. And what happened was remarkable. In less time than […]

A True Leader

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with […]

Sales Training/Hospitality Training: Isn’t it Time to Think Differently?

Isn’t it Time to Think Differently? There are a lot of exciting products out there that can teach us how thinking differently about customer service and hospitality training opens up new revenue opportunities and even a blue ocean or two. Aspire is always looking for smart revenue generation strategies and products that look at the same […]

Sales and Team Building: Great Leaders…Coach

Sales and team building success starts with strong leadership.  Leaders are the coaches in our lives.  They inspire us to believe in what we can not yet see and awaken our true potential.  Leaders hide in many places.  They may be the boss, the boss’ boss, someone who inspires us, a peer, someone who works for […]

Sales Training: Creating new revenues through blue ocean thinking

As many businesses find themselves with shrinking revenues and in a challenging competitive marketplace, there is no more important time for organizations to think differently about their sales targets, sales training, and revenue opportunities. One thing you can count on—the same old thinking gets you the same old results. First:  Start asking different questions if […]

Team Building – Motivation in the Workplace is About Inspiration Not Motivation

A major sacred cow of mine is motivation in the workplace. People think they can motivate other people and this is not correct. As a leader you can inspire your employees. When you are inspiring your team you are encouraging them and inspiring motivation and you are engaging them. Think the ‘E’ words. Leadership is […]

Nothing Positive Ever Comes From Negativity (in the Workplace)

This month’s mood: Stop Global Whining I am listening to:  “Turn the Beat Around” by Gerald & Pete Jackson. Best soundtrack-Gloria Estefan Enough already.   I have officially stopped watching the news…I just can’t take anymore negativity, especially in the workplace.  It starts my day off hopeless and puts me to sleep in fear.  Negativity won’t […]

Real life examples of Good Customer Service Training that can Help Create Customized Marketing Solutions

Nobody does it Better Customer Retention means Market Share Many businesses have not made the true commitment to one of their most important 2009 business strategies: customer retention in spite of so many examples of good customer service staring them in the face..  Many think retention is a marketing and loyalty strategy and though this […]

“What is Management Training?” – Some Valuable Lessons Learned from the WorldsGreatest Leadership

Inspiring Your Business Potential The true essence of “what is business management” is best understood by this example: Have you ever seen a house built on a poor foundation? Ask anyone who has ever owned one and they will tell you about the endless “sinking” feeling they have inside.  A strong foundation is vital for […]

What I Learned about Team building for Success from a Second Grader

It’s the Experience What a day! Each day as a company, Aspire focuses on how to help our clients make more money for our clients through, specifically through motivation in the workplace and teambuilding for success.   As a learning company, we have always delivered experiential learning that started with a feeling of inspiration.  I have […]

Leadership Skill Versus Management: Moving from Mediocre to Exceptional

“Leaders are born everyday in every one of us…Tapping into the leaders in your community gives you the fuel to make your vision a reality.” Talk about books…There are more books about leadership than days in a year and yet we still have so many managers who have no idea how to truly lead. Let’s […]

The Best Examples of A Vision Statement and How to Create One for your Business

Have you ever seen a house built on a poor foundation? Ask anyone who has ever owned one and they will tell you about the endless “sinking” feeling they have inside. A strong foundation is vital for any solid home.  The same holds true for your business. Key to your business is creating, living and […]

Girlfriend Getaway Report conducted by AAA and Aspire Marketing

Here is an excerpt from the Girlfriend Getaway Report conducted by AAA and Aspire: Girlfriends Getaway Travel Research May 2007, Project #070005, 070006, 070025 Background and Purpose AAA partnered with Aspire Marketing for research purposes. Girlfriend getaway trips are a current travel trend and a research plan was developed to find out more information. Objectives […]

Life Balance from Renie Cavallari and Girlfriends Getaway Guide

Author Renie Cavallari joins Chicke Fitzgerald to talk about Life Balance, Girlfriend Getaway style. This segment also includes Amy Parham, from NBCs the Greatest Loser to talk about Health and Wellness, the co-author of the Go Giver, John David Mann joins to talk about Giving, and wrapping up the show is the author of Rebound, […]

You Can Better Lead People If You Know What Motivates Them

The other day I had one of those “oh yeah, that’s important” moments. I watched my daughter confidently share the way things are done (the rules) in second grade with pride and enthusiasm. What really happened was that I was reminded of the power of great leadership regardless of the work or position and how […]

What is a Productivity Index and How Does It Relate to Positivity

Is There a Productivity Index and How Does It Relate to Positivity Anyone who knows me knows that I am a high energy, high positivity kind of person. You got it “one of those kinds of people.” And over the years, many have tried hard to stomp that high positivity with their “why it can’t […]

Focus on Relationships

Trust and communication go together, explains Peter Vajda. Destroy trust and communication will cease. No one wants to give 100% to someone they can’t trust. Only when you show up in integrity, behave ethically and allow your vulnerability will those around you see you as trustworthy enough to share their thoughts and insights in full. […]

Making Your Mark

What kind of mark are you leaving behind you as you push ahead? If you’re acting like a typical macho manager, intent on short-term profits and quick returns for shareholders, you’ll likely be thrusting your way through your environment using a combination of high velocity, fierce determination and brute force. What kind of wake will […]