High performance leaders are intentional in their approach to leading themselves and others. Leadership is a behavior not a position.  Emotionally engaging leaders have 6 common pillars which allow the work to become more exciting; the environment more empowering and enjoyable; the creative mind more dynamic and curious; the human spirit more open to change; […]

Is Intentional Leadership a Priority for You?

Are you making intentional leadership a priority? High performance leaders are intentional in their approach to leading themselves, others and the communities they work in. Emotionally engaging leaders have 6 common behaviors (pillars) that they are intentionally focused on. These pillars create organizational alignment and makes: the work more exciting the environment more empowering and enjoyable […]

Happiness in the Workplace

I often hear:  “our leaders aren’t inspiring us or my work place isn’t fun.”  There is no doubt that a fun and inspiring workplace makes for more productivity and innovation regardless of your business.  And yet, looking outside for your inspiration and good time is a waste of time.   You create your environment.  How […]

It Only Takes One!

“For every nine people who denounce innovation only one will encourage it…For every nine people who do things the way they have always been done, only one will ever wonder if there is a better way. For every nine people who stand in line in front of a locked building, only one will ever come […]

When is Now a Good Time?

Do you find your team discussing the same issues and customer challenges?  If you do that means you are doing more problem solving (reactionary) than problem resolution.  When something is resolved it allows you to focus on more proactive issues.  Here are a few steps to move you from problem solving to problem resolution. Identify […]

Employee Retention Ideas You Can Implement

employee retention With the current economic realities and the endless need to attract and retain top performing people, how do we live in the same space?  How do we realistically balance the benefits for employees against the rising costs of doing business and simultaneously attract and retain the best our marketplace has to offer? My […]

Team Building Exercises – Nothing Positive Comes From Negativity in Workplace

This month’s mood: Stop Global Whining I am listening to: “Turn the Beat Around” by Gerald & Pete Jackson. Best soundtrack-Gloria Estefan Enough already. I have officially stopped watching the news…I just can’t take anymore negativity. It starts my day off hopeless and puts me to sleep in fear. Negativity won’t get us out of […]

Major Leadership Theories of Change Learned from a Child

Recently I went on a water park adventure with my daughter and here is where I was inspired by her and enlightened by some major theories of change. Throughout the day we enjoyed the lazy river, the beach and the wave pool and eventually she talked me into the massive waterslide.  As we walked the […]

Leadership Skill Versus Management: Moving from Mediocre to Exceptional

“Leaders are born everyday in every one of us…Tapping into the leaders in your community gives you the fuel to make your vision a reality.” Talk about books…There are more books about leadership than days in a year and yet we still have so many managers who have no idea how to truly lead. Let’s […]

The Best Examples of A Vision Statement and How to Create One for your Business

Have you ever seen a house built on a poor foundation? Ask anyone who has ever owned one and they will tell you about the endless “sinking” feeling they have inside. A strong foundation is vital for any solid home.  The same holds true for your business. Key to your business is creating, living and […]

Meeting Facilitation Trainer Renie Cavallari on Most Valuable Asset

”Our most valuable asset is our people.” I hear this all of the time says meeting facilitation trainer Renie Cavallari. However, it is always followed by, “But we don’t have the money for training” or “We don’t do a lot of training in that area because of our turnover.” Yikes! Not only do your guests […]