Leaders, Listen and Learn

Listen and Learn. Your employees are the voice of your operational realities. They are your eyes and ears of your guest experience and give you foundational insights into your real SWOT (Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats.) Here are three questions to ask your employees. Invite them in small groups to meet with you and just listen […]

Want to Improve Performance? Squash Head Trash!

Head trash is the #1 killer of potential today. FACT: Just knowing what to do does not mean your people will actually do it. Learning new approaches and systems means changing what you are currently doing and actively engaging in that change. Effective learning that changes results integrates 3 components: Getting your head into the […]

Sales Training: Creating new revenues through blue ocean thinking

As many businesses find themselves with shrinking revenues and in a challenging competitive marketplace, there is no more important time for organizations to think differently about their sales targets, sales training, and revenue opportunities. One thing you can count on—the same old thinking gets you the same old results. First:  Start asking different questions if […]

Sales Training & the Changing Sales Game

Einstein said it best…”Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”.  If you take a close look at how most sales organizations are selling today you can confirm…it’s insanity. Today the job of the salesperson is to create buying environments. No longer can salespeople focus on pushing their product; they must focus on […]

Sales Negotiation Training for Your Employees

I had an interesting experience recently. During a visit to a hotel team/community, I was asked to sit in on a staff meeting. At the end I inquired, how was each person driving the top line? Though the Director of Sales had some good things to share, the rest of the community had that funny […]

What Women Want: How Women Buy – It’s All Business

Welcome to our “What Woman Want” series…a place for you to learn the facts about the age old question that has stumped many…”what do all these women want.” To get things started let’s focus on the facts around how women buy. The statistics are in and there are no surprises…Women love to buy. Actually, Women […]

Working Women Statistics and What Women Want, Surprises?

Welcome to the “What Woman Want” series for addressing that age-old issue. Let’s first focus on the facts about working women statistics, women shopping and what women buy. There are no surprises here, women love to buy. Women are responsible for 83 percent of all consumer purchases, including: 92 percent of home furnishings, 92 percent […]