For Strong Team Building, Think Community

Come Together…Right Now It’s More Business Than You Think Can you believe that we are rounding another year and look ahead to the start of a new one? Let’s have an amen for starting a new year! With this in mind, it is time to take a look around and consider how you will experience […]

Major Leadership Theories of Change Learned from a Child

Recently I went on a water park adventure with my daughter and here is where I was inspired by her and enlightened by some major theories of change. Throughout the day we enjoyed the lazy river, the beach and the wave pool and eventually she talked me into the massive waterslide.  As we walked the […]

What are The Challenges Of Team Building Facing a Growing Organizations

The Alignment Factor Great organizations understand what are the challenges of teamwork. They also know the answer to why is ethics in the workplace important. They are therefore built from the strength of everyone fully engaged and participating.  This becomes the foundation of greatness and the power of building a successful Organization/Community.  When people are […]

Team building exercises are important to your customer service training strategy

Built for Asset Value Growth Focus: 7 Things you absolutely must do to be a success business in the 21st century. Presentation Scope: How do you build an outrageously successful business? Why is team building important? How to do you evolve your current business to a new level of success? Based on years of climbing […]

Proven Ways Team Building Creates Community in the Workplace

Most people like to feel connected. This is why so many spend so much time hanging out at the “water cooler” or sending those joke or chain oriented emails. In today’s world creating a sense of connection for your employees allows you to build Community/Corporate alignment. Over the years I have worked with thousands of […]