Lead with kindness

Pay-It-Forward Day was this past Saturday. It is an annual, global celebration to raise our consciousness around the impact of our kindness and the ripple effect we each have on one another. It is a day of reflection on how we commitment to acts of kindness. When I viewed this video, it reminded me of what matters […]

10 Lessons Learned this year

Here are a few lessons I learned in 2017. In some instances, I was reminded AGAIN! Lesson 1:  Look at your business with fresh eyes. Think as if today were your first day in your position and plan your priorities accordingly. Ask yourself, “If I were hired today, what would I do with my business tomorrow?” […]

Say what needs to be said…in a way another person can have it

For me, I like communication clear and direct and over the years I have learned that many people need it a little “softer.” Understanding how another person needs to receive your feedback is paramount to effecting the change you want in those who are executing your plan. A criticism is just another way of making a […]