This one is for you, leaders.

Not all leaders inspire us. Not all leaders support us while challenging us. Not all leaders care deeply as they insist we perform to our potential. Not all leaders think proactively.  And yet… all leaders touch our lives. What kind of leader will you choose to be today?  How do you want to touch the lives of […]

Major Leadership Theories of Change Learned from a Child

Recently I went on a water park adventure with my daughter and here is where I was inspired by her and enlightened by some major theories of change. Throughout the day we enjoyed the lazy river, the beach and the wave pool and eventually she talked me into the massive waterslide.  As we walked the […]

“What is Management Training?” – Some Valuable Lessons Learned from the WorldsGreatest Leadership

Inspiring Your Business Potential The true essence of “what is business management” is best understood by this example: Have you ever seen a house built on a poor foundation? Ask anyone who has ever owned one and they will tell you about the endless “sinking” feeling they have inside.  A strong foundation is vital for […]

Leadership Skill Versus Management: Moving from Mediocre to Exceptional

“Leaders are born everyday in every one of us…Tapping into the leaders in your community gives you the fuel to make your vision a reality.” Talk about books…There are more books about leadership than days in a year and yet we still have so many managers who have no idea how to truly lead. Let’s […]