High performance leaders are intentional in their approach to leading themselves and others. Leadership is a behavior not a position.  Emotionally engaging leaders have 6 common pillars which allow the work to become more exciting; the environment more empowering and enjoyable; the creative mind more dynamic and curious; the human spirit more open to change; […]

The Aspire Learning Model

Here at Aspire, we say that there is a big difference between training and learning.  Training is the delivery of information and knowledge.  It does not create sustainable change.  Learning is different however.  Learning focuses on improving specific competencies and goes beyond just the mere delivery of knowledge. We know that to build impactful and […]

12 things I’ve learned about evaluating my own leadership

If you think leadership development is expensive, imagine the cost of weak leadership! Think about you and your team. Where are you? Where is your team? How are your leaders performing? Do you know what people want? Every year I self-reflect on my own leadership effectiveness focusing on 12 things. These focus areas are included in […]

20 Lessons Honoring 20 Years

Hard to believe that 20 years ago someone actually hired me for consulting and training and that gift positioned me to build Aspire into a global company. I am not sure where the time went, though I definitely don’t look the same!   This year, we have been honoring our clients with our “Living with Gratitude” […]

Sharpening Your Knife

Ask any chef… the most important tool you can have in your kitchen is a sharp knife. No matter how sharp it is initially, after using that knife for an extended period of time, it becomes dull. The same goes for your learning and development. After a while, your leadership skills aren’t quite as sharp […]

What’s Love Got to do with It? A boat load!

According to a recent study from Management professors Sigal Barsade and Olivia O’Neill, titled What’s Love Got To Do With It? and referenced in a Harvard Business Review article, fostering compassion in the workplace not only decreases employee withdrawal, absenteeism and burnout, it increases job satisfaction, commitment and accountability. Compassion is beyond empathy and a […]

Next Stop: Texas Hill Country. The Gratitude Tour visits La Cantera Resort

Aspire coach Amy talked with leaders from La Cantera Hill Country Resort in San Antonio and got some Texas-sized feedback! Aspire is grateful to be working with this Destination Hotels resort as guests rediscover the newly renovated La Cantera Resort.  AMY AND CHRIS AMY: Hi Chris! CHRIS: Hi Amy! AMY: How are you today? CHRIS: […]

Aspire doesn’t walk away when training is complete!

Aspire coaches Chris and Amy delivered programming for both reservations sales training and leadership development at Delaware North, making a whole slew of new friends! Thank you to Sandra and the whole team for being All In!  SANDRA AND CHRIS CHRIS: Sandra we would like to present you with a Living With Gratitude Poster. SANDRA: […]