Expecting Loyalty?

A person I often work with recently asked if I was still loyal. The answer was yes and still the question was uncomfortable. We all expect loyalty… from our friends, co-workers, boss, spouse or partner, and from our employees. What are we really asking? Being loyal means you honor and respect a person enough to have real conversations. This is my […]

The story makes the experience. The experience makes the brand.

Every interaction is an opportunity to tell your story… a story that speaks to your brand and your culture. From how it feels when someone answers the phone to how you present your menu and food, your stories unfold. Storytelling is fundamental to how you market your message. It is a differentiator. It takes a […]

The Starbucks Experience

They start with 2 cups of happy people, followed by an extra heap of sugar and before you know it you just paid $4.00 for a grande iced mocha no whip latte. Is this insane? What are you really buying? The Starbucks Experience. And if this isn’t enough they have created such a strong community, you actually like to hang at Starbucks.