Does Culture Matter? Ask Tom Brady!

If you don’t think culture matters, just ask Tom Brady. It wasn’t that he had a bad day. And it wasn’t the unsportsmanlike conduct he displayed by not shaking the winning quarterback’s hand. Even die-hard Patriots fans questioned that! Instead, it was that this Philly team showed up with the right owner (stakeholder), coaches (leadership team), […]

Attitude is Everything! Business is like Baseball Part 8

Peak performers have one thing in common: Attitude. They have the certainty of knowing they will achieve their desired result and they will not be denied. They have a drive that allows them to accomplish whatever they want in a way that energizes them and makes them outperform others. Many people think skill is everything but imagine the player […]

Too much energy?

Why people get annoyed with energetic and enthusiastic people is beyond me. I get that not everyone is moving at 100 miles an hour or sees the full spectrum kaleidoscope rather than just the three primary colors. I can respect that! But the world is fueled by energy. It takes tremendous momentum to innovate and effectively […]